Cannot matching control on action with multi iframe in Internet Explorer


1. Create a Test Module

2. Navigate to a website have multi iframe

3. Use action get control property

4. Execute Test Module with checked checkbox Screenshot recording with browser Internet Explorer.


Error message: No matching UI object found for "[ta class=select-one, id=lstComponents]" within the timeout of "30" seconds. Please check the interface definition for "[ta class=select-one, id=lstComponents]", or set a longer timeout with the "object wait" setting.


1. Open your Internet Option.

2. Select "Security" tab, then select "Trusted sites", click "Sites" button.

3. In "Trusted sites" window, enter a website which you want to access it.

Note: Uncheck Require server verification (https:) for all sites in this zone if it;s not https.

4. Save it and restart the IE & Edge.