Can TestArchitect capture pop-up windows without titles in Mozilla Firefox?

A: Some Mozilla Firefox pop-up windows do not have titles. TestArchitect is unable capture these windows. To allow TestArchitect to capture them, the titles must appear. To solve this issue, follow the steps outlined below:

  1. Open Mozilla Firefox and type about:config into the address bar.
    A warning page appears.
  2. Click the I'll be careful, I promise! button.
  3. Optional: Clear the Show this warning next time check box to disable this warning page next time.
  4. Locate the prompts.tab_modal.enabled option. Double-click it to change the default value from TRUE to FALSE.
Titles will now appear on these pop-up windows in Firefox.
You can now use either the Interface Viewer or Identify method in TestArchitect to capture the pop-up windows.