Introduction to the Action Recorder

Streamline the process of creating test modules and actions by letting TestArchitect record your manual actions and translate them into action lines.

The Action Recorder saves you time by recording your manual operations on the application under test, capturing resulting screen output, automatically generating action lines, and writing the action lines to your test. Auto-generated action lines can subsequently be edited by hand to address any specific test requirements, or encapsulated into self-contained user-defined actions.

In addition to creating action lines, the Action Recorder can generate interface definitions, which it does in those cases where UI elements visited during the recording session have not yet been mapped to TA names.

Note: If you are not familiar with how interface definitions work, please review Lesson #3: Working with interface definitions.
Tip: The Action Recorder suggests TA names for you when it creates interface entities. Your review and editing of the suggested TA names is important to ensure that the names are meaningful and intuitive.