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The ideal test automation solution for high-volume test automation production

TestArchitect lets you quickly develop a large volume of easy to maintain automated tests—using the tool’s built-in actions that eliminate coding.

A single, plain text, action-based test replaces multiple lines of code, which speeds testing and makes it possible to update 10’s or 100’s of tests by replacing just a few actions.

Integration to popular management tools, like JIRA, Zephyr, Microsoft TFS and HP Quality Center extend end-to-end test management.

Powerful Simplicity

Example of an action-driven test with 4 action lines. Column A has the name of the action. Subsequent columns, B, C, ... contain the arguments for the actions.

Actions—think keywords on steroids—let you write tests in a plain text, business-readable, domain specific language to create, document and automate tests all in one step.

A unique spreadsheet-like test editor provides prompts to assists you in creating tests. Test modules let you efficiently organize test cases to make debugging and ongoing maintenance quick and easy.

TestArchitect comes with over 300 built-in actions that can be assembled in any order to create tests. Custom actions can be scripted in C#, Java and Python.

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Integrated Test Automation Environment

TestArchitect gives you everything you need for test development, automation and management.

The embedded framework simplifies test automation by eliminating time-consuming coding and impossible to maintain record & playback scripting.

A sharable test repository with version control, check-in/out and user and role-based permissions and detail reporting lets you easily manage projects and teams.

Built-in extensibility offers complete customization to integrate with non-standard applications and 3rd party test and ALM tools.

Scalable Automation Technology

Tests can be created in parallel with development so you do not have to wait for the UI to be completed.

Organize related test cases in modules for efficient execution and maintenance.

Leverage reusable test assets across platforms and utilize physical and virtual machines to shorten testing time.


TestArchitect provides automation and application extensibility that enables you to automate custom applications and add custom features unique to your requirements.

Custom actions can be scripted in C#, Java and Python and added to the action library as needed. TestArchitect software developers can provide custom tool feature development to work with certain applications.

Unparalleled Support

With TestArchitect you get the support you expect for enterprise –scale software.

You can chat or have phone conversations with TestArchitect specialists. And the online help library and user forum can be accessed anytime for immediate assistance to help you keep your automation up and running.

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