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The test automation platform that simplifies creating and maintaining automated tests

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TestArchitect Action Based Framework makes tests easy to create and simple to maintain

  • Multivariate Test Execution™ simplifies testing against multiple configurations and versions.
  • Replicate tests, actions, test results, and interface mapping locally or globally.
  • Multi-station testing allows synchronized or in-parallel testing can be done to speed testing.
  • Execute tests remotely on multiple physical or virtual machines.

Smart test developer

The unique spreadsheet-like test editor guides you in creating business-writable and business-readable tests using actions.
Author tests, map interfaces, add test data and debug tests without programming.

Intelligent built-in actions

Hundreds of application and platform-agnostic actions allow creating a single test that can work with multiple OS, GUI controls, web services minimize test development and maintenance time.

Interface viewer

The Interface Viewer assists in identifying the properties of each UI element and intelligently detects which properties the automation should use and captures all the controls of a given window at once.

Multivariate Test Execution

Multivariate Test Execution allows setting properties to test multiple versions of an application across multiple platforms and interfaces using a single test.

Image-based testing

Super-res image recognition algorithm provides adjustable image quality recognition.

Action recording

Record manual operations against an AUT for playback during automated testing. The recorder generates action lines related to the dialogs and controls. It can also automatically learn and detect captured UI elements.

Parallel test execution

Test controller drives the test runs to multiple remote machines and mobile devices simultaneously.

Distributed testing

Utilize multiple machines for test execution working in sync or waiting for action execution, or run in parallel until a point of intersection is reached.

Screenshot recording

Record and capture screenshots during test execution for each UI-interactive action. Screenshots can be included in test results for visual verification of results.

Lab manager

Monitor the progress of all TestArchitect controllers and devices running tests, from a single location.


Known bug tracking allows side-by-side comparison to identify which bugs have and haven't been resolved, and any new bugs that have been introduced.


Dashboard presents customizable graphs, charts, indicators, and reports to help you analyze and manage execution metrics.

Cross-browser testing

TestArchitect supports major browsers in multiple operating systems from desktop (Windows, Linux and Mac) to mobile (Android and iOS).

Mobile testing

Test native apps, hybrid apps and mobile browsers on Android and iOS. Execute tests on multiple devices and cloud-based devices.

Refer to the product selection guide for editions with mobile testing functionality.

Data & database testing

TestArchitect offers a set of actions that allow your tests to connect to and interact with not only databases of SQL-conversant DBMS systems but also static data files such as Excel, XML and PDF.

3rd party tool integration

TestArchitect seamlessly integrates with powerful third-party tools, to assist in application development, continuous integration, test management, and bug tracking to fit to your in-house process and toolset.