Innovative Interfaces Inc. creates software for public libraries and academic institutions. Making sure that the Web interface provides a flawless customer experience is a key element of their competitive advantage. Automating tests with TestArchitect enabled the team to test multiple subsystems built in .Net and C++ using single set of test cases. With customization support from the TestArchitect Professional Services team, the time to complete all the required regression tests at release was reduced by 94%.

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Landmark Graphics is a wholly owned subsidiary of Halliburton and is the premier provider of software and technology services for the upstream oil and gas industry. After hiring LogiGear to automate their testing process, Landmark had a three month beta program with select key customers and improvements in quality proved to be substantial. In the end, there was an 84% decrease in defects found in beta and a 97% reduction in the known issues found at product shipment.

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McAfee is a leading provider of email and Web managed security services running a suite of 423 software tests manually to test their security software. Manual testing was so time consuming that it took approximately 240 person-hours to run and its build acceptance testing was done on an ad-hoc, time-permitting basis. Using LogiGear’s automated software testing solution, McAfee’s automated test coverage expanded from 10% to 80% and it increased overall test coverage from 50% to 90% while simultaneously cutting testing hours from 500 manual hours to 160 machine hours.

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When LeapFrog embarked upon an ambitious strategy for new market leadership in the intensely competitive children's education consumer electronics industry, improved operational efficiency was critical to success. LogiGear took the challenge utilizing their offshore center in Viet Nam and implemented Action Based Testing and the TestArchitect toolset. With LogiGear, LeapFrog has decreased its QA staff from 30 to 40 down to 11 full time highly skilled engineers, eliminated seasonal hiring challenges, and decreased hourly testing costs by 30% less than prior outsourcing effort.


Centrify Corporation, a provider of Active Directory-based identity, access and policy management solutions for Windows, Unix/Linux systems, and for Java- and Web-based applications, needed to reduce the cost and time of software testing with a test automation solution optimized for a global team in four locations in the US and Asia. LogiGear achieved Centrify’s automated vision with TestArchitect and Action Based Testing. In only one month, LogiGear was able to deliver a global test automation platform resulting in 80% of tests automated, 972 bugs found of which 60% was found via automation.

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Commscope, a network software company, was manually testing core back-end functionality of their networking software through a high-cost, on-shore based testing partner using manual testing methods. Because of the time consuming nature of manual testing, and the high cost of the on-shore manual testing partner, Commscope was not testing the GUI component of their solution that they deemed to be "mature" and not subject to a lot of change, and the company's customers were finding GUI bugs with every new release.

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Openwave Corporation, the leading provider of software products and services for the mobile communications industry, had not achieved the full potential of software test automation and offshore test outsourcing for its messaging product platform. LogiGear delivered a powerful and global solution, including the TestArchitect™ toolset for integrated test design, automation and management.

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