Configuring connection backlog size for a repository server

TestArchitect enables you to specify the maximum size of the queue used for holding pending connections to a repository server

Note: Applies to TestArchitect 8.4 Update 2 and higher
  1. Exit the repository server if it is running.
  2. Open the abt.ini file in the following location with a text editor:
    • On Windows: C:\Users\Public\LogiGear\TestArchitect\RS.
    • On Linux: /usr/local/logigear/testarchitect/data/rs.
    • On MacOS: Applications/TestArchitect/data/rs.
  3. Find the connection backlog size parameter and change its value to the desired number.
    • The default value is 50.
    • In case you utilize TA Queue to submit jobs, the value of 1000 is recommended.
  4. Save the file