Adding a repository

A new repository can be added from the Repository Server Control Panel or from within TestArchitect Client.

Ensure that the repository service is running.
  • The Repository Server Control Panel can be used to add a new repository to the local host.
  • TestArchitect Client, on the other hand, can be used to add a new repository to any available host. To create a repository from TestArchitect Client, refer to Creating a repository.

To add a new repository from the Repository Server Control Panel:

  1. If not already running, start the Repository Server Control Panel.
  2. Click Add Repository on the toolbar. If a password requirement has been set on this repository server for the creation of new repositories, the Repository Authentication dialog box appears.

  3. If so required, enter a password and click OK. The New Repository dialog box appears.

  4. Enter the name for your new repository, and click OK. A progress bar appears in the lower left of the dialog box, with the message Adding repository…
After a short time, the repository is created and appears in the Repository List panel.