ignore html input types


Determines whether, during test execution, the legacy captured controls of HTML input types should be taken into consideration.

Allowable values

Executes the automated test with legacy HTML5 input control types.
Executes the automated test with new supported HTML5 input control types.

Default value



  • In the current version TestArchitect, each of the HTML5 input types of the <input> element (including input-color, input-date, input-datetime, input-datetime-local, input-email, input-month, input-number, input-range, input-search, input-tel, input-time, input-url, and input-week) is mapped to its own TA class. (Refer to List of supported HTML5 controls for details.) Prior to TestArchitect version 8.1 Update 3, all these controls were mapped to the input-text TA class. In order to continue using these mappings for automation playback in this version, set ignore html input types to yes (see Example below).
  • TestArchitect does not support automation playback in mixed mode. That is, with a setting of yes, all your <input> control type mappings must be legacy (that is, mapped to TA class input-text). Conversely, with ignore html input types set to no, only the new one-to-one <input> control type mappings (that is, input-color to input-color, input-date to input-date, etc.) are acceptable. Any attempt to do otherwise results in an automation problem at runtime, informing you that no matching UI object could be found.


Suppose that you already captured a given input-search control as an input-text TA class in a previous version of TestArchitect. Now you want to continue using this legacy mapping for running automation.

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