Debugging with TestArchitect

The TestArchitect debugger allows you to run an application under test interactively while observing the action lines and results at each stage of execution, as well as the state of the AUT. Variables, arguments, and settings at each stage may also be observed, and modified.

Since tests do not always execute the way you expect, TestArchitect offers test-level debugging. Debugging allows you to pause the execution at any point. Once the test is stopped, you can look at the state of the running application under test, and inspect the values of variables, arguments, and settings at the point of the pause.

There are two means by which a test may be paused for debugging:
  • In advance of executing a test, you may set one or more breakpoints in the test module or its action definition(s). Then execute the test in Debug mode.
  • Upon encountering an automation problem (warning or error) during execution, TestArchitect automatically pauses, offering you the option of entering Debug mode at the point of the problem action line.