Interface capturing commands

In addition to the Interface Viewer, TestArchitect offers some handy tools for working with interfaces, or examining the elements of an AUT's user interface.

TestArchitect's Interface Viewer is an ideal tool for capturing an entire interface, doing major surgery on an interface entity, or examining a large number of elements or controls. However, when working with TestArchitect Client, such as when editing a test module or action, you often need to do only an occasional tweak of, say, a TA name, or get information on a single control. For such impromptu work, some interface tools are provided with TestArchitect. For the most part, they duplicate the functionality available in the Interface Viewer, but using them is generally more convenient than launching the Viewer.

The TestArchitect Client offers three tools for exploring, verifying, and modifying the elements of an interface, all available as buttons on the toolbar: