Editing multiple fields

You can modify the field values of multiple items in an item list view by selecting Edit Fields from the context menu.

Ensure that the fields you want to edit are in editable states (see the table below) and the fields are listed in the list view.
Important: Editing multiple fields in a list view is applicable to all of the item list views, including Test Modules, Test Cases, Data Sets, Interface Entities, etc. It does not apply to Favorites, Local results, Test Suite, and Bugs list views.
Table 1. Editable fields when Editing Multiple Fields operation is performed
List View Editable fields
Test module

Test case

Test objective

Data set

Interface Entity
Repository Results
Local Results N/A
Test suites N/A
Favorite N/A
Bugs N/A

To edit multiple items in a list view:

  1. Open an item list view. For example: test module list view
  2. In the list view, select more than one row containing the items you want to edit.
  3. Right-click one of the selected rows and click Edit Fields.
  4. In the Edit Multiple Fields dialog box, enable field editing by selecting the check boxes on the fields you want to edit.
  5. Choose a new field value for each item you want to edit. Depending on the type of value you are editing, choose a new value from the drop-down list box, or enter a new value into the text box, if available. For example: These are editable fields of test module list view.

  6. Click Apply to save all edited values.
    Tip: Click Reset to reset all field values.
TestArchitect only changes and updates fields in a list view if the edited fields are in an editable state. All changes to non-editable fields are ignored.