Favorite list view

The favorite list view contains all items (for example, test modules, actions, data sets, and interfaces) which you visit frequently and designate as favorites in TestArchitect.

The favorite list view offers the following functionalities:
  • Searching: Use filters to quickly find an favorite item within the Favorite list view.
  • Sorting: Sort your favorites into alphabetical order.
  • Opening: Conveniently open multiple favorites from the list view.
  • Removing: Remove multiple favorites within the list view.
  • Adding all open tabs to favorites: Bookmark all open items at once.

Opening the Favorite list view

Describes how to open the favorite list view.

To open the favorite list view, follow these steps:

  1. Click the down arrow next to the icon in the toolbar to view the options.

  2. Select Organize Favorites.
The favorite list view appears.