Detecting automatically outdated build assembly files

Steps to automatically detect outdated build assembly files.

  • Upgrading of outdated build assembly files is supported with TA-MTM plug-in versions #3.0.14 or later. (To check the current version of your TA-MTM plug-in: in Visual Studio, select the Tools > Extensions and Updates menu, browse, and then click TA-MTM Integration Plugin).
  • If your TA-MTM plug-in version is #3.0.19 or earlier, an additional step is required after upgrading the build assembly files. TA-MTM integration projects created after #3.0.19 have replaced Coded UI with Unit Tests; that is, they are no longer dependent on the Coded UI libraries. Therefore, you must reassociate your existing TFS tests cases (Learn more).

To turn on the automatic detection of outdated build assembly files, do the following:

  1. Launch Visual Studio.
  2. In the TestArchitect toolbar, click the Preferences… button.
  3. In the Preferences dialog box, select the On option, and then click OK.

Automatic detection is now turned on.
Subsequently, whenever you open a TA-MTM project, TestArchitect automatically scans the current build assemblies files. If outdated files are detected, the following notification dialog box appears:

Click the Update button to upgrade the current build assembly files.