Installing the TestArchitect plug-in

Installing the TA plug-in for Microsoft Visual Studio adds a project option to Visual Studio for creating TA-MTM projects.

  • TestArchitect Client and Microsoft Test Agent must be installed on the same machine.
  • The TA-MTM plug-in, Visual Studio and MTM must be installed on the same machine.
  • In order to import TFS test cases or tests suites into TA, or upload TA test modules/test cases/test results to TFS, the TFS Object Model must exist on the machine hosting your TA repository server. This package can be installed once you install Visual Studio; alternatively, it may be installed as a stand-alone package. Note that, if you decide to install the TFS Object Model as a stand-alone package, please ensure that it is of the same version as your installed TFS. And also restart your repository server after installing the TFS Object Model.
  • Upon installation, in Visual Studio, the TestArchitect plug-in is now available from Visual Studio's Tools > Extensions and Updates menu.

  • Additionally, a TA-MTM Integration Project option is now also available as a test project residing under the Visual C# template in Visual Studio.

  • If you happen to have more than one Visual Studio version residing side by side on your machine, the plug-in is installed automatically to all instances.