Upgrading TestArchitect BuildAssemblies’ files in a single project

Steps to upgrade build assembly files of a single TA-MTM integration project.

  • Upgrading of outdated build assembly files is supported with TA-MTM plug-in versions #3.0.14 or later. (To check the current version of your TA-MTM plug-in: in Visual Studio, select the Tools > Extensions and Updates menu, browse, and then click TA-MTM Integration Plugin).
  • If your TA-MTM plug-in version is #3.0.19 or earlier, an additional step is required after upgrading the build assembly files. TA-MTM integration projects created after #3.0.19 have replaced Coded UI with Unit Tests; that is, they are no longer dependent on the Coded UI libraries. Therefore, you must reassociate your existing TFS tests cases (Learn more).

To upgrade build assembly files of a single TA-MTM project, do the following:

  1. Start Visual Studio.
  2. Open a TA-MTM Integration project.
  3. In the Solution Explorer tree, right-click the TA-MTM Integration project, and then select Update TestArchitect BuildAssemblies file(s)…. If outdated build assembly files are detected, the following notification appears:

  4. Click OK to begin the upgrade process. A notification message appears informing you that the upgrade was successful.

  5. Click OK to close the confirmation dialog box.
  6. Check in the solution to apply all changes.