What's new in TestArchitect for Windows

The following new features and improvements are introduced in TestArchitect version 8.1 update 4 running under Windows.


TestArchitect Client

TestArchitect Automation

Enhancements to existing features
  • Several existing public API methods (applicable to C# harness only) are now reordered into a new AbtDataSetManagement class provided for user-scripted actions that interact with data sets. The public API methods are as follows:
    • CreateDataRow: Create a new data row with specified contents.
    • CreateDataSet: Create a new data set object.
    • DoesDataSetExist: Check whether a data set exists.
    • GetDataSet: Retrieve a data set's contents. Note that this method may be applied to a data set in the current project or a supplier project, and it accesses the appropriate variation of the specified data set based on the existing runtime variation specification.