This section describes workflow activities of the WPF Extensibility.

  1. Loading Extensions, Handlers and Methods:
    • ExtensionLoader loads all Extensions (*.DLL) in the specified location.
    • For each Extension, HandlerManager manages all the handlers of the extension.
    • For each Handler, MethodsStorage:
      • gets all methods of the extension,
      • stores methods in methodCache, and
      • classifies (mapping) type of a request with list of methods. When executing a request, MethodsStorage chooses the best method with the highest support level in this list to execute.
  2. Executing a request:
    • MessageHandler receives a request from TAPM and processes that request. Particularly, MessageHandler:
      • creates a request,
      • based on the request, get Method or list of Methods classified when loading extensions,
      • looks for the method with the highest support level, and
      • executes this request in its Handler.