Built-in actions

TestArchitect includes a library of built-in actions to perform a myriad of functions.

Built-in actions are automatically available with your installation of TestArchitect. They can be found listed in the Built-In Actions subtree of the repository tree. There are three categories of built-in actions:
System actions
Actions that interact with the system of the AUT host, such as those that work with user input (e.g., type, click) , system resources (get clipboard), or the host file system (copy file).
Test Support actions
Includes automation control actions, like if and sleep, and declaratory actions (argument, test case, test objective).
User Interface actions
Actual automation actions, such as enter and select menu item.

Built-in actions cannot be modified by you. They can, however, be used as building blocks of custom user actions that you may create in the form of user-defined or user-scripted actions.

Tip: When writing your test, if you do not know which built-in actions to use, it is suggested you use the TestArchitect Action Recorder, a tool to record your manual mouse and keyboard operations when testing an application. The interactive operations generate the corresponding built-in actions.