check pattern in text


Check whether the displayed text of a control contains a specified substring, or matches a specified regular expression. Result is Passed if the captured string matches the pattern; otherwise Failed.


TA name of the window.
TA name of the control.
Text or pattern to test for.

Valid contexts

This action may be used within the following project items: test modules and user-defined actions.


  • The pattern argument can accept regular expressions. Note that argument values that include regular expressions must be entirely enclosed in curly braces {}. As an example, {[A-Z0-9._%+-]+@[A-Z0-9.-]+\.[A-Z]{2,4}} specifies the pattern for an acceptable email address. More simply, .* represents the general wildcard for regular expressions, so that {.*arch.*} matches starch, marching, testarchitect, etc.
  • On macOS, curly brackets {} are treated as special characters. To include a curly bracket in regular expressions you must enclose it in a pair of square brackets []. For example: { [{]; } [}].
  • This action supports the <ignore> modifier. If the string <ignore> is present as the value of any of the arguments, or any argument contains an expression that evaluates to <ignore>, the action is skipped during execution.

Applicable Built-In Settings

The following settings are applicable to this action: case sensitive, remove double quotes from cells, standard ASCII only, page wait, object wait, window wait, load invisible controls.

Applicable Controls

This action is applicable to the following controls: richtext, text box, text view.


Action Lines