Begin a block of action lines which are executed only if a specified condition is satisfied.


Expression that evaluates to a Boolean True or False.

Valid contexts

This action may be used within the following project items: test modules and user-defined actions.


  • If condition evaluates to True, the succeeding block of action lines up until the first occurrence of an else, else if, or end if, is executed. If False, that block is skipped.
  • This action ignores letter case for values of True and False, and is unaffected by the current state of the case sensitive built-in setting.
  • It is acceptable to use numeric expressions in the condition argument. TestArchitect treats the value 0 as False, and 1 as True. Note that an error is generated for any other numeric value.
  • The following operators may be used within an expression in the condition argument:
    Table 1. Comparison operators
    Precedence Comparison operator Meaning
    4 = equal to
    4 <> not equal to
    4 > greater than
    4 >= greater than or equal to
    4 < less than
    4 <= less than or equal to
    Table 2. Logical operators
    Precedence Logical operator Meaning
    5 not Value is TRUE if its operand is FALSE.
    6 and Value is TRUE if and only if both sides of the and operator are TRUE.
    7 or Value is TRUE if either side of the or operator is TRUE.
    Note: For the full list of operator precedence, see here.

Applicable Built-In Settings

The following settings are applicable to this action: remove double quotes from cells.


Action Lines