page wait


The maximum wait time for a webpage to load.

Value units


Default value



  • Automation platforms:
    • Internet Explorer: page wait applies to either the complete loading of a web page, or to the loading of a page only up to the point where it is in an interactive state. This behavior is defined by the page wait state built-in setting.
    • Other platforms: page wait always applies to the complete loading of a web page.
  • To improve the automation performance on browsers, set a small value for page wait (as low as 1 second) depending on how responsive your webpage is.
  • During automation execution, for all actions in which page wait is applied, the window wait setting goes into effect first. In other words, TestArchitect first looks for the presence of the specified window; once that condition is satisfied, TestArchitect waits the allotted page wait time for the web page to be rendered and available.