value changed wait


The maximum wait time to allow a value in a UI element to change, in response to some prior action, before sampling that value with a get or check action.

Value units


Default value



  • Examples of get/check value actions are as follows: check, check control property, check control tooltip, get, get column number, etc.
  • The effect of value changed wait is to cause a get or check action to continue sampling its target UI element until the sampled value has changed, or a timeout has occurred.
  • value changed wait does not affect program flow. The effect of a timeout is that the sampled value is used by the get or check action, after which control proceeds normally.
  • To speed up automation execution, it is recommended that you:
    1. set the time-out for value changed wait to 0 initially.
    2. set appropriate values in specific cases, wherever you find it to be necessary.
    3. reset the time-out to 0 immediately after the action lines that require the non-zero value.