'Navigate' fails to open additional tabs with WebDriver on Edge


In the event of launching a web page on a new tab on Edge,

  • For the first time navigate works fine.
  • For subsequent times, navigate fails to open a new tab and direct to a web page.

Assuming that you have the following action lines.

Line #11: setting [target browser instance] [new tab] is to open a new tab on Edge browser when using the navigate action.

Line #17: navigate [https//google.com.vn] works fine.

Line #19: navigate [https//www.netflix.com/vn/] fails to open a new tab.


When navigate attempts to open the second/third/etc.tab, Edge will treat the tab as a pop-up, blocking it.


You should turn off the Block pop-ups feature on Edge (Learn more) before running TestArchitect tests with WebDriver.