How to capture interfaces if different windows appear based on the user credentials?

Suppose that you need to test a member-specific home webpage whose GUI may be different based on the user credentials after access is granted.

You may ask: Do I need different interface definitions for each of the different member home pages?

Solution: You do not need to capture various interface definitions for each of the different member home pages, such as administrator or non-administrator home page. Just observe the member home page to find the main menu control. For example:

And then capture that main menu control:

  1. Open the Interface Viewer.
  2. From the Interface Viewer, we recommend capturing interface elements with stable and unique properties across member home pages, such as name, id, etc.
    • If the unique properties are slightly different across different member home pages, you can use the wildcard ({.*}) to ignore the differences.
    • If the unique properties do not have the same values, you can select the process property to match the type of browser where the member home page is open. For example:
      • On Internet Explorer, the process property is iexplore.exe.
      • On Mozilla Firefox, the process property is firefox.exe.
      • On Google Chrome, the process property is chrome.exe.
      Tip: If there are more than one instances of a given browser open simultaneously, use the identify window action to handle the instances.