Modifying test objectives

Various fields of a test objective can be edited by you.

To modify a test objective, follow these steps:

  1. Check out and open a test module.
  2. In the Objectives section in the editor worksheet, right-click the cell containing the test objective, then click Test objective > Edit Test Objective.
    Fastpath: F2
    The Information tab is presented.
  3. You can modify the following fields of the selected test objective:
    • ID: ID number of the test objective.
    • Title: Title of the test objective.
    • Recent result: Result of the test objective.
      • The Recent result field is automatically filled in from the results of parent test cases added to the repository.
      • This field may also be manually edited, allowing you to override the value that the system supplies.
      • Possible returned values are:
        • Not tested (default)
        • Failed
        • Passed with warning(s)/error(s)
        • Passed with known bug
        • Passed
      • Note that, when a test objective is covered by more than a single test case, Recent result is set to Failed if anyone of the linked test cases produce a Failed result.
  4. Click Apply to save your changes.
The test objective's information is updated.