Webinar Videos

Test Design Essentials for Great Test Automation

In this joint webinar, Hans Buwalda of LogiGear & Titus Fortner of Sauce Labs discuss best practices for creating well-organized, easy-to-read tests that can be automated in an efficient and maintainable way.

How does TestArchitect fit into Continuous Delivery?

In this webinar Deliveron's John Weland and Mike Douglas discuss how to leverage TestArchitect for building an effective software delivery pipeline.

Effective Keyword Testing

Hans Buwalda, LogiGear CTO presents Action Based Testing and Effective Keyword Testing.

Automate Testing within the Same Sprint

Subu Baskaran discusses how to automate testing in Agile to test in the same sprint..

Test Automation: Garbage-in = Garbage-out

In this video Hans Buwalda outlines how to design and organize tests for efficient automation, and how the leading test methods, Action Based Testing (ABT) and Behavior-Driven Development (BDD), enable good test design.

Agile Support On-Demand - A Cloud-Like Approach to Testing Services

To get to automated testing “done” in agile sprints, handing over excess workload for test development and automation to a service group-on-demand is an efficient, viable option.

How to get Automated Testing Done - TEST Huddle

More often than not teams find themselves in a situation where the functionalities under test are ready, but the tests are not. In this video LogiGear CTO Hans Buwalda will go through a number of solutions a team can do to diminish this problem, and what actions to take when it happens.

Successful Testing by Design - Hans Buwalda

Tests that lack organization and contain unnecessary details and redundant checks contribute far more to automation failure than do technology issues.

Halliburton's Last Mile to Continuous Integration

This video will detail how, with the assistance of LogiGear, Halliburton avoided compromising quality or functionality by making testing and test automation and integral part of their continuous delivery process.