Training & Coaching

Quickly gain test automation expertise
Training ranges from a half-day instructor led quick-start session to a comprehensive 5 day hands-on course to get the most from automation with TestArchitect.
Essential instruction in ABT
This 1-day, hands-on course equip you with the knowledge and processes for efficient test development and design that makes large-scale test automation possible.
The course covers the key concepts of ABT, and provides step-wise processes to properly design test modules and test cases with hands-on exercises to reinforce the concepts presented. The course exclusively covers ABT. Use of the TestArchitect automation toolset is covered in other courses.
Quick-start to automating with TestArchitect
This 4-hour, hands-on session helps you get started quickly by becoming familiar with TestArchitect’s functionality and the user interface. While not required, prior instruction in Action Based Testing (ABT) is highly recommended.
The instructor will take you through test creation and execution in TestArchitect step-by-step creating action-driven test cases, interface definitions (for connecting with the GUI of the application under test), execute tests using the automation engine, and review test results.
TestArchitect Essential Instruction
This 2-day course provides interactive, hands-on instruction to get you up-to-speed quickly with TestArchitect. It covers TestArchitect’s features for both test development and test automation by showing and practicing “how-to” using the tool’s functionality. Prior instruction in Action Based Testing (ABT) is highly recommended.
The course starts with an overview of the components and functionality of the toolset, followed by hands-on exercises creating and executing action-driven tests and then reviewing the test results. You will also be shown how to use harnesses to script custom actions in Python. Basic administrative functionality including tool installation and set-up, and repository and user management are also covered.
TestArchitect Comprehensive Instruction
This is a 5-day course provides individuals and teams with the knowledge and skills to become proficient in test automation. Classroom instruction will be put into practice through individual and group hands-on exercise sessions and interaction with the instructor.
The course will equip testing professionals with the understanding and know-how for good test design and automating tests using TestArchitect. The instruction begins with ABT and modular test design, along with step-wise processes to design test modules and reusable test. The ABT concepts will be put into practice using the features of TestArchitect. The final portion of the session will cover TestArchitect’s advanced test development, test management and test automation.
What’s offered:
Automation experts work directly with individuals and groups to provide hands-on tutoring and guidance for proper implementation of TestArchitect and ABT, and other tools that may be utilized in the testing effort. Testing experts provide coaching on coding standards and coding skills for automated test case design and problem solving that will provide a quick ramp-up to efficient and highly maintainable test automation.
Coaches are available for team/1-on-1 assistance on-site or remotely via web or video conference workshop, or for individual phone coaching.
  • Accelerates the adoption of test design methods that improve testing efficiency.
  • Shortens the learning curve in gaining proficiency with ABT and the TestArchitect toolset.
  • Coaches work directly alongside individuals for guided learning and problem solving.
  • Facilitates quick adoption of test methods and test case design that improve testing efficiency.
  • Saves time and money by making teams more efficient.
On-Site Coaching $1,200 per day, plus travel
Remote Workshop $500 per session (3 hrs. max.)
Phone Coaching $300 (2 hrs. max.)
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Halliburton successfully utilizes TestArchitect and the LogiGear team in Agile environment to reduce defects by 97%
Centrify leverages the TestArchitect platform to achieve an 80% automation rate
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