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Resources TestArchitect Datasheet

TestArchitect Data Sheet
Learn more about the key features and benefits of TestArchitect in this datasheet.

Resources Action Based Testing Language

Action Based Testing Language - Quick Reference Card
Use this quick reference on Action Based Testing (ABT). This diagram will help you to understand the basics of TestArchitect's project items and the concept of interface mapping.

Resources Leverage Test Automation

Implementation Guide: Leverage Test Automation effectively with TestArchitect
This Implementation Guide outlines the major steps to empower testers to succeed at test automation with TestArchitect. Regardless of skill set/ background, with some tailoring, you can turn your investment into tangible profits as quickly as possible while most importantly, causing minimal disruptions.
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Halliburton successfully utilizes TestArchitect and the LogiGear team in Agile environment to reduce defects by 97%
Centrify leverages the TestArchitect platform to achieve an 80% automation rate
Innovative Interfaces uses TestArchitect to reduce regression test execution time by 94%