Action Based Testing

ABT Overview
ABT is a modular-design and action-driven test method that provides a systematic approach to increase the success of automated testing. Modular-design addresses the challenges of test planning and test case management through efficient test organization.
Action-driven test development eliminates the majority of the programming work required to automate and maintain tests long-term.

ABT consists of three parts:

  • Top-down, modular test planning
  • Test Module development
  • Action-driven test authoring
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Action Based Testing Method

Action Based Testing Test Module Template

Test Module Template

The template shows the systematic construct of a Test Module. Following the template is an example of a complete Test Module and the step-by-step sequence of ABT test development.

Each Test Module is given a descriptive name to make it easy to identify what the tests in the module cover.
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Best Practices
This section lists available best practices guides for working with TestArchitect. Printer-friendly documentation is available for each guide in Adobe portable document format (PDF).
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Action Based Testing TestArchitect Best Practices

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