April 10, 2018 10 –11 am PST

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DevOps is helping companies establish a culture of learning and improvement through practices and processes that focus on efficiency and delivering value faster.

TestArchitect, a simple and codeless test automation tool, can be your partner on the journey to DevOps. Compete more effectively, operate more efficiently, and drive higher customer satisfaction with TestArchitect and DevOps.

In this exclusive webinar, our guest speakers from Deliveron (a leading technology consulting company focused on delivering software products and solutions that create differentiation and innovation) will show you how your team can achieve automation success by leveraging a software delivery pipeline.

In this webinar, you will learn:
  • How DevOps practices drive business value by removing barriers to effective application delivery.
  • How software delivery pipelines provide consistency and speed for continuous delivery.
  • How TestArchitect can help improve software quality, help you effectively leverage existing team resources, and decrease your operational costs.
  • How to leverage the cloud to enable business agility.

Guest Speakers

Mike Douglas

Solution Consultant
Deliveron Consulting Services

John Weland

Co-founder & Solution Consultant
Deliveron Consulting Services
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