More Automated Testing

Database & Other Non-GUI Testing
TestArchitect offers actions that allow your tests to connect to and interact with not only databases of SQL-conversant DBMS systems but also static data files such as Excel.
REST and SOAP webservice testing is also supported. You can send a request and check the response in XML and JSON.

Actions for automating CLI and Image-based Testing are also ready-made.
Automated Testing Image Based Testing
Image-Based Testing
  • Centralized image repository
  • Compare captured images with baseline images
  • Smart detection with KeyPoint algorithm
Data-Driven Testing
Test data can be fed into your test cases in the form of datasets. Various sources of test data are supported, including Relational Databases such as Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle; XML, JSON, Excel, etc.
Automated Testing Data Driven Testing
Automated Testing BDD Testing
BDD Testing
Tests written in Action-Based Testing can be translated to BDD and vice versa. If you’re already accustomed to BDD, no need to change your favorite Keyword Driven Testing method. After all, ABT is the next-generation of Keyword Driven Testing.
Command Line Testing
TestArchitect provides actions for you to interact with command line interface and other terminals.
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Halliburton successfully utilizes TestArchitect and the LogiGear team in Agile environment to reduce defects by 97%
Centrify leverages the TestArchitect platform to achieve an 80% automation rate
Innovative Interfaces uses TestArchitect to reduce regression test execution time by 94%