TestArchitect Release Notes

TestArchitect 8.2 Update 2 Release Notes

Release Date: October 19, 2015

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  • Please note
  • Before upgrading to the latest version of TestArchitect, it is strongly recommended that you back up all repositories.
  • A TestArchitect client and any repository server to which it connects must be of the same version.

What's New in TestArchitect 8.2 Update 2

The following new features and improvements are introduced in the latest version of TestArchitect running under Windows.

TestArchitect Client

New Features

  • Visual Studio Online beta support
    • Both on-premise and cloud-based Team Foundation Server 2015 are now supported for integration with TestArchitect, along with Microsoft’s on- premise and cloud-based Test Agent and Test Controller version 2013 update 5.
    • Basic authentication access methods to Visual Studio Online — Alternate Authentication Credentials and Personal Access Tokens — are supported. Note that authentication access with OAth protocol is currently not supported.

TestArchitect Automation

  1. Support for mobile web automation on Safari running on iOS 9.0.x.
  2. Point-to-identify is now available for controls on Android Chrome
    Enhancements to Device Live Screen now allow for the Interface Viewer’s
    Identification tool to be used to identify and map UI controls in web applications running on Google Chrome on Android devices.

Known Issues

  • A personal access token, which is used to authorize access to Visual Studio Online, must be generated with the All scopes option selected. If Selected scopes is used instead, TestArchitect is unable to authorize access to Visual Studio Online, regardless of which scopes are selected.

System Requirements

The following table lists the recommended hardware and software requirements for TestArchitect.

Recommended system requirements

  TestArchitect Client/Controller with small-scale Repository Server Production-scale Repository Server (up to 15 concurrent connections, 1GB repository)
Operating system All Windows versions Windows 2008/2012 Server
HDD At least 2.5GB available space Available space of at least 2 GB plus total aggregate size of all databases
CPU 2 GHz dual-core or faster 3.1 GHz quad-core

Additional Resources

  • For more information, please visit our website at www.testarchitect.com or email us at [email protected].
  • On a system with TestArchitect installed, help is available at:
    Start menu > All Programs > TestArchitect > TestArchitect Help.
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